Sunday, February 28, 2021
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Idiot Theater – Internet Professor, er, um, Caterer Episode

Phone call: Me: Hi there. Did you get my voicemail from two days ago? I had requested a return phone call. Idiot: I sent you an email yesterday morning. Me: Oh, well, I guess it didn’t go through or something. I didn’t get it. Idiot: Yes, you did. Me: Um, no, I’m sorry, I didn’t. […]

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Everyday Idiots

Idiot Theater – “Very Rare, please” Episode

Idiot: How would you like your steak? Me: Very Rare, please. Idiot: Well, we don’t do that here because that isn’t good. I will do yours medium-rare. Me: Um, okay. <Steak is served to me past medium-rare, but not quite medium.> Idiot: How is everyone’s steak? <7 other guests mumble variations of “Good, thanks” but […]

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