Wednesday, October 27, 2021
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Office Gaslighting

Idiot: Why didn’t you send that out this morning?

Me: Because last Thursday you told me not to, and to hold it until people have done their edits, then to send it at the end of the day Tuesday.

Idiot: But is has to go out today.

Me: That’s what I said last Thursday, but you said nobody was reading them on Mondays anyway, and that it wouldn’t matter if we were editing this right up to the presentation, and that I should send it Tuesday afternoon.

Idiot: I would not have said that.

** LONG PAUSE… and none of the other people who heard him say that spoke up**

Me: ……. I’ll make sure it goes out by the end of the day today.

Idiot: Yes, you know that should’ve been done by now.

** After the meeting, in private, other people acknowledged that he did say that, and they all heard it.


UPDATE: Just got an urgent text

Idiot: you didn’t send that out yet did you?

Me: Yes I did, as soon as it was ready!

Idiot: Can you recall it?

Me: Um… trying… and no, it won’t let me.

Idiot: we have to change a couple of things and then send it out again I guess.

Me: OK. Whenever you’re ready…

*** grrrrrrr

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