Monday, September 20, 2021
Everyday Idiots Work Idiots


Me: Good morning! I have an 8:00 am appointment with Dr. Barnes.

Receptionist: We don’t have any appointment for you today. Um… your appointment was for YESTERDAY at 8:00.

Me: Well, that is interesting, since I just made that appointment yesterday afternoon.

Receptionist: Are you sure?

Me: 100%

Receptionist: Well… (looking at me very skeptically) I’m sorry, but we already have someone here for 8:00 today. Hold on… we have a brand new system… uh… I have an 11:15 today. Does that work for you?

Me: No, it does not. Hey, in that new fancy system of yours, can you look up the history of my appointment and see when it was entered into the system?

Receptionist: I dunno. Let me see……. Ohhhhh. Wow. That appointment was made at 4:13 yesterday afternoon! And it WAS made for a time in the past! Ugh. I have to explain this to my manager. And I’m gonna see if there’s a way we can squeeze you in with Dr. Barnes.

*** They got me in at 9:00. And I’m not sure if that would have happened, if I wasn’t able to prove it was their error, and not my own.

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