Tuesday, September 21, 2021
Everyday Idiots Work Idiots

Non-Sale Price Please

Clerk (a non-idiot for store that has an idiot working there somewhere): Good afternoon ma’am, how can I help you.

Me: So… this item has a sale price on it that is higher than the regular price. May I please purchase it at the non-sale price?

Clerk: Wait. What?

Me: These are normally 91 cents each, and today they are “on sale” for 99 cents, so I would like to buy all of these for the regular price of 91 cents.

Clerk: Oh, geez.

***Clerk calls over manager. And explains issue.

Manager: It’s only 8 cents.

***I say nothing, but stare directly into Manager’s eyes, as if he were a child who had deeply disappointed me.

Manager: I will go fix those signs. They should all be rung up at 91 cents.

Me: Atta boy.

***Clerk snorts, as he attempts to stifle giggles.

Clerk: There we go. Thank you ma’am, and have a nice day.

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