Monday, September 20, 2021
Everyday Idiots Work Idiots

Your Receipt

Leaving Costco…

Receipt Checker (Idiot) had a quick chat with supervisor, which threw them off their game.)

***Idiot holds out a piece of paper to me.

Idiot: Ma’am.

Me: That’s not mine.

Idiot: Your receipt, ma’am.

Me: That’s not mine.

Idiot: Ma’am, please take your receipt. You are holding up the line.

***Idiot waves receipt toward my face.

Me: That is not my receipt. I don’t know whose it is, but it isn’t mine.

Idiot: Yes it is.

Me: No it isn’t. Is that mine over there?

***I point to my receipt, sitting on the top of her stand.

Idiot: No.

Me: Well, it lists exactly what I just purchased, and the one in your hand does not.

Idiot: What?

Me: Please read that receipt, and look at my cart.

Idiot: Ma’am, I…

Me: Please… Isn’t your job to make sure the receipt matches my cart?

Idiot: What?

***The man behind me chimes in.

Man: Excuse me, miss, that is MY receipt.

***Man reaches for the receipt, and Idiot pulls back their hand.

Idiot: Sir! I need to check this against your cart!

***Idiot checks receipt against man’s cart, and then hands it to HIM.

***Idiot then turns and stares at me, empty-handed.

***I stare back, then nod my head toward MY receipt, sitting on the stand.

Idiot: Oh.

***Idiot hands me MY receipt.

Idiot: Thank you. Have a nice day.


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