Tuesday, September 21, 2021
Everyday Idiots


My doorbell rang today, and a neighbor of mine, who I had never met, was standing on my porch, holding a small package.

Neighbor: Is this [my house number]?

Me: Yes

Neighbor: Are you Vicki?

Me: Yes

Neighbor: Well, I am from [her house number], and this package came to my house for you.

Me: Oh, wow. Weird. Thank you so much for bringing it down to me.

Neighbor (in an annoyed tone): It was at my house for THREE DAYS.

Me (not sure why she seemed agitated): Oh

Neighbor: Weren’t you expecting it?

Me: Yes, I was.

Neighbor: Well, it was sitting at my house for THREE DAYS.

***This is when I realized that she was annoyed that *I* had let it sit at her house for three days, and did not go over and get it, and that she had to walk to my house to give it to me. I considered explaining to her that I would have absolutely no idea where my package was incorrectly delivered, and with almost 200 homes on our street, I was not going to go door to door asking if anyone got my package… but instead…

Me: Well, again, I really appreciate you bringing it over. Thank you so much! And have a great day!

She left, without smiling, or saying “You’re Welcome” or anything. I think she was muttering, under her breath, about how long she had the package at her house.

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