Tuesday, September 21, 2021
Dating Site Idiots

It’s About Faith

I knew this 59 year old “Chaplain Candidate” would be a terrible match for me, based on his profile, and he should have known the same, by reading mine. 

I will also preface this post by stating that, while he is an Idiot, I am clearly being an a-hole here. My purpose was not to attack religion, but rather to push back against his intolerance of other religious (or non-religious) views. 

Here is a highlight from his profile:

Most famous person I ever met

“It would definitely have to be, Peter, Paul or James, and let us not forget Martin Luther (16th Century Theologian).”

(So, in addition to being a highly religious person, who is hitting on an agnostic on a dating site, he is also incapable of properly reading and understanding a simple question.)

Idiot: Hello Vickie, My name is (his name), and I’ve never dated somebody who is agnostic before. As a faith based believer my life is centered around Jesus which means my moral values and my absolute truth based on something much greater than myself or my own crazy ideas of what is morally right or wrong. If you like what I have written and you’re interested please reach out.

Me: Why would I like what you’ve written? It is clearly an insult to anyone who doesn’t rely on Jesus for their values and truth… Unless you really meant that without Jesus YOU wouldn’t be able to determine right or wrong because of your own “crazy ideas”… In which case I guess YOU really do need Jesus. Moral values and absolute truth are not exclusive to Christians. I live a more moral life than most Christians do, and I don’t need a belief in Jesus to do so. In a way, my morality is of an even higher quality, because I do the right thing just because it is the right thing… Not because I’m worried about getting into heaven, or pleasing a god. I don’t think trying to date an agnostic is a good idea for you, because you clearly don’t understand or respect our ability to be as moral (or maybe even more so) as those who apparently need Jesus to know right from wrong.

Idiot: Well that was not my intention or my thought process in anyway shape or form maybe something inside of you tells you that what you believe what you think you believe is flawed. Perhaps you are not sure and it scares you to suggest that what you think is true may not be true. And then there’s always the idea that how can a finite creature ever truly understand an infinite concept without the help of an infinite being.

Me: I am not scared, I am not unsure, and there’s nothing inside of me telling me my belief is flawed. It makes me angry that you don’t even understand how insulting you are to others who don’t share your belief… and that without even the intention of being insulting, it just comes naturally to you. As a finite creature, I have just as much ability to understand the infinite as you do, maybe more, because I don’t need Jesus to do it. Whatever you do to understand the world, and make your way through this life, is up to you… But don’t pull this obnoxious bullshit where you think that your way is the only way. Again… I recommend you stay away from agnostics and probably just stay with own kind, because you clearly have no tolerance for anyone else’s view, and that patronizing crap about how we must have doubts if we don’t agree with you? That doesn’t play well with an audience that’s not wearing crosses around their necks.

Idiot: I’m truly sorry you’re so deceived and I am just without words you can’t make one solid logical argument with your position the math doesn’t work

Me: Wow… You honestly believe that anyone who doesn’t share your believes has been deceived. If you take a good hard look, the math doesn’t add up on your beliefs (but, of course, you all just say that you take it on faith anyway). I actually did make a solid logical argument. The fact that you didn’t understand it (or that it’s so threatening to your believes that you refuse to acknowledge it) doesn’t make it any less logical. Again, if you want to believe that you, and your kind, are the only ones that have the real answers, fine. But if you’re going to bring that insulting and patronizing attitude to those outside of your circle of beliefs, expect pushback.

Idiot: It’s not about me it’s about faith and you don’t have it. End of story

Me: That is correct. I don’t have, nor do I need, the faith that you use to get through your life. The problem with you is, you believe that everyone needs to be like you. And we don’t.

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