Tuesday, September 21, 2021
Dating Site Idiots Kitten-Grams

WTF is Wrong with You?

After weeks of normal text chatting through iMessenger, and planning to meet up after the quarantine, Idiot disappears, with no messages for a week.

After 7 days of silence, he randomly sends a message through WhatsApp. Not just any message… a video. Not just any video… a live, close-up, “kitten-gram” performance. Yep, homemade porn.

Me: Blocking you now

Idiot: What?

Me: You didn’t even ask me if I wanted to see something like that

Idiot: I’m sorry

Me: Game over

Idiot: That was wrong

Me: WTF is wrong with you? Don’t message me again

Idiot: i’m sorry

Me: i’m taking care of my grandchildren right now. They are right next to me

Idiot: OMG I’m sorry. I didn’t realize that

Me: Don’t message me again. And if you would randomly send that to someone without asking, or without even any warning, you need to reassess your life

(For the record, I was not really with my grandchildren at the time. But I could’ve been… Which was more to the point)

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