Thursday, January 21, 2021
Dating Site Idiots

Can we get a room baby? Episode

Idiot: U are amazing

Me: Aw… thank you

Idiot: Would so love u in my arms baby. Would u love that?

Me: I was thinking about that… LOL. What is it you are looking for on this site?

Idiot: Thinking about what baby lol? What was u thinking about lov? I want a LTR and a steady monogamous relationship like u do too baby. I loooooove intimacy. So you would love to be intimate held kissed and in my arms baby?

Me: When we get to that point… yes 😉

Idiot: Goodness ill love that so much to make love to u til u get addicted to me loving and wanting me. What’s your number baby? U live on your ow for us to cuddle baby?

Me: I do live on my own, do you?

Idiot: 3 of my brothers live with me and my son. Goodness baby u need a man in the house to comfort u and protect u. So can we cuddle and love at your place baby?

Me: Eventually, if things work out

Idiot: What nights u free for me to come over ? Im free after 9pm after work. We can talk and cuddle watch a movie at your place. Ill bring us some good wine if u like?

Me: Oh… no. I never meet anyone for the first time at my place, or theirs.

Idiot: Can we get a room then baby? Until we get comfortable with eachother? Ill pay

Me: I always meet in a public place. I am getting the feeling that you want to move a lot more quickly than I am comfortable with.

Idiot: Whats your number baby?

Idiot: Whats your number baby

Me: I don’t think I am comfortable with the difference in our pace

Idiot: Ok thank u for wasting oir time yourblocked smdh

Me: It is not a waste of time to learn that we have different goals


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