Tuesday, March 31, 2020
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Herpe Bumps? Episode

After days of friendly, appropriate, and encouraging conversations, we decided to meet. He really wanted me to come to his apartment, but I insisted on meeting in a public place. I used the “I promised my mom that I would always meet people for the first time in a public place” since few people argue with that. On Saturday, we agreed that we would meet on Sunday night, and decide on a place sometime during the day on Sunday. He explained a huge, unexpected car expense, and apologized that he could not afford to go somewhere “really nice” and I assured him that it did not need to be anything fancy… just public.

Sunday, 4:41pm

Me: I just got finished my errands for the day and I’m on my way home. Are you still interested in meeting up tomight?

Idiot: What did you have in mind?

Me: Drinks… Food… Drinks and food… Ice cream… I don’t know, what is out near you that would suit you?


Sunday, 5:41pm

Me: Remember… I’m mot asking you to spend money. I’m just asking you to pick a place where I can meet you.

Sunday, 6:35pm

Me: ?

Sunday, 7:03pm

Idiot: Hey 🙂 sorry. Got caught taking to a neighbor

Me: So? What do you think?

Sunday 7:40pm

Me: I am giving up. I have been trying to make a plan with you for 3 hours now.

Idiot: I was busy, sorry. Free now

Me: So…

Sunday, 8:21pm

*Idiot calls me on the phone

Idiot: Hey

Me: Hello

Idiot: Are you frustrated with me?

Me: Very much so

Idiot: Why?

Me: You really don’t know?

Idiot: Aw, fuck this. I don’t have to take this fucking bullshit and drama from someone I haven’t even met.

*Idiot hangs up on me

Sunday, 8:30pm

Me: I don’t think I’ve ever wanted to meet a guy badly enough to chase him for three hours to try to make plans until today.

Idiot: I wasn’t trying to disappoint you. I had a very long day, I’m a number to fight with someone that I want to make out with

Me” I had no intention of fighting with you, you asked me a question and I answered it. then you swore at me and hung up. If you had just said, “I’m sorry, we can make plans now” I would be on my way to see you.

Idiot: I’m sorry. I acted like an ass

Me:I also had very difficult day/week, and was hoping that meeting you might turn it around.

Idiot: I wish you weren’t uncomfortable coming to my house. Everything is so beat around here on a Sunday night I feel like we’ll be the only ones in a place

Me: If you think about how serious I am about keeping my promise to my mom… it should tell you how serious I am about keeping my promises to everyone in my life.

Idiot: Where can we go? I wasn’t trying to be too forward? Although I do think it would be nice just to hang out on the couch and cuddle LOL

Me: I got a manicure and pedicure today, did my hair, and put on a nice outfit. I wanted to make a good first impression. But now, my hair is pulled up, and I’m taking a bubble bath, before I make myself dinner. I think your phone call pretty much showed me who you are. We don’t need to meet.

Idiot: Then go away. Don’t waste somebody’s time so you feel better getting your bullshit off your chest. What’s wrong with you> Are you just interested in causing problems and drama? Lol I hope you feel better now anyway.

Me: Again… Thank you

Idiot: Give the next guy attitude problem before you know I’m going to see how he treats you. Who Do You Think You Are? Hahaha sad. Goodbye dear. Delete my messages on my number this time we won’t be talking again in the future. By the way I can see the herpe bumps all over your lip in your picture

Me: Like I said, I honestly was looking forward to meeting you. And I didn’t give you any attitude. But if this is how you react to someone being disappointed that you strung me along form three hours without an answer, it really is best that we didn’t meet.


*Not that this needs to be said, but for the record, there is nothing wrong with my lips… LOL

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