Wednesday, October 27, 2021
Everyday Idiots Work Idiots

Time Machine Episode

Me: Hey there. Quickly, can we fix a couple of mistakes that I see on your report submission?

Idiot: I just finished fixing everything. It is all good now.

Me: I still see some errors, can we take a look at it together?

Idiot: I am sure it is correct now. Did you refresh your screen.

Me: I just refreshed, and the errors are still there.

Idiot: I double checked it. It is correct.

Me: Do you have a time machine?

Idiot: What? Why?

Me: Because it says you completed this report on October 5, 2018, and you have a task on here that is not yet complete, but that you will have completed by September 21. I see time travel the only explanation, if these dates are correct. *shrug*

Idiot: That can’t be right.

Me: My point exactly.

Idiot: I mean, that is not what I put in there.

***Tracking clearly indicates that IS what they put in there, but I am not going to call anyone a liar. I am sure it was a mistake.

Me: No matter how it got that way, can we fix it now, please?

***Idiot shares screen with me, clearly showing incorrect data, and I talk them through correcting the fields.

Idiot: Oh, um. Okay. Is that what you wanted?

Me: Yes, thank you. But it wasn’t just what I wanted, I am just the messenger. We have to have data in here that is correct, and clearly, those dates were not possible. We are all good now. Thanks.

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