Tuesday, October 26, 2021
Everyday Idiots Work Idiots

You still good? Episode

Monday 2PM

Idiot: I’m going to schedule a call for us to work on this together

Me: Perfect.

Monday 3PM

Idiot: I set up a call for us Thursday at 3PM

Me: Yes, I see it. That works.

Tuesday 2PM

Idiot: Oh, and we have that call on Thursday, right? You still good for that?

Me: All set.

Wednesday 4PM

Idiot: Are we still on for tomorrow at 3?

Me: Good to go.

Thursday 10AM

Me: I just heard you are having a crazy day. Are we still okay for our call at 3pm?

Idiot: Oh, yeah. I just have some prep to do before then, but we’re still good.

Me: Okay, great. Just let me know if things change. It’s no problem.

Idiot: Will do!

Thursday 1PM (at the end of another, unrelated call)

Me: I’ll talk to you later… Is 3PM still working for you?

Idiot: Yeah, I just need to finish some stuff, but we are good.

Thursday 3PM


Thursday 3:05 PM


Thursday, 3:10PM

Me: Hey, um, so, are you joining the call?

Idiot: Oh, crap. I’m so sorry. I can’t today. Is it okay if I push it out to another time?

Me: Okay

Thursday 3:15PM


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