Wednesday, October 27, 2021
Everyday Idiots

No, it is NOT Okay… NOT LIKE THAT Episode

A large, bald, intimidating looking, middle-aged white man was wearing this t-shirt at the PA Renaissance Faire yesterday.


Less than 1% of white Americans were slave owners, but every ship in the slave trade was owned by at least one jew.

Before you jump on me about this man’s right free speech, let me say that neither I, nor anyone else at the event, told this man that he was not entitled to this expression of his opinion. However, here is what I will say…

This man arrived late to a comedy stage performance, and like the actors did with every tardy attendee, they called him out to tease him a little.

“Hey, there! It is okay to be brown, too!” laughed the Hispanic actor, in an exaggerated Spanish accent, as he was playing the character “Don Juan”.

“Not if you come into this country, take advantage of us, and don’t pay any taxes!” the man shouted back.

“I have probably paid more taxes here this year, than you have paid in your entire life,”  the actor laughingly replied, as he turned away and quickly resumed the show.

At the end of the show, many audience members approached the stage for pictures and to meet the performers, who had moved down to ground level. White Pride Guy, approached the performers. The actor who had spoken to him from the stage, walked over to him, shook his hand with a smile, said something I could not hear, and then turned and walked back to the other people waiting to meet him. White Pride Guy looked disappointed, and left the area. It seemed as if he was hoping for a confrontation, but receiving zero negative reaction left him dejected.

Later that afternoon, White Pride Guy came over and sat NEXT TO ME in the stands for the final jousting event of the day. He tried to talk to me, but I ignored him… for two reasons. I was not interested in getting pulled into a confrontation, nor did I want ANYONE to think that I was associated with this man AT ALL. My water bottle was holding a space between us, and I was relieved when my friend arrived and sat between us.

Going through my head, as my mouth stayed firmly closed:

“Hey there, I love your ‘racist white guy’ costume”

“Oh, wow, was it embarrassing to find out this was not the Nazi themed weekend?”

“Huh. I’m confused reading your shirt. What color do you think Jews are?”

“Aw… sure. Sit right there. I can see why you are alone.”

Free speech is one thing. Showing up to a fun, family-oriented festival, itching for a fight, is another thing.

I am extraordinarily proud of EVERY OTHER PERSON in attendance that day, who did not grant this Idiot’s wish.



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