Tuesday, March 31, 2020
Work Idiots

Much Ado About Nothing Episode

Idiot: I need admin access to my page.

Me: What do you need to do, that your current level of access does not allow?

Idiot: I need to grant access to my page to members of my team.

Me: Well, they should all have access to it now, to read documents. What else do they need to do, that their current level of access does not allow?

Idiot: They need to be able to add and edit documents.

Me: No problem. Let me know who they are, and I will upgrade their access so that they can do that.

Idiot: But I will need to grant people access all along, as they join the team.

Me: You can let me know whenever you have someone who needs to be added, and I will do it for you.

Idiot: It just seems like an unnecessary amount of work, for me to have to ask you every time someone needs access.

Me: Actually, it is a lot less work for you to request access from me, than it would be for you to change someone’s permissions yourself.

Idiot: Why can’t you just give me admin access to my page?

Me: Because the way our system is set up, I cannot assign admin access to just one site. The next level up is the same level of access that I have, which is admin level for everything. Obviously, it is very risky for us to let everyone have those permissions.  As an admin, you could, quite easily, accidentally delete your site, someone else’s site, or pretty much everything.

Idiot: But I need control of the site.

Me: You have control of the site, for everything you need to do. And for granting permissions, you have complete control, in that I will not upgrade anyone’s access unless it is specifically requested by you.

Idiot: It just seems like a lot of work to have to ask you.

Me: As I already explained, it is actually a lot more work to change people’s permissions in the system, than to shoot me their names in an email. And doing it this way is much less risky for the whole system, and all of the other users.

Idiot: Can you just give me admin rights for a little while?

Me: Let me ask you something. Would you like other people, aside from me, to have admin level access to your site?

Idiot: Absolutely not.

Me: Giving you admin access does exactly that to everyone else who has a site. And if I start granting admin access to the other people in your position, they will ALL have admin access to your site. And obviously, I can’t do that for just you.

***Sends email of team members, and desired level of access

Me: Good news! Everyone on this list already has the level of access that you requested.  🙂

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