Wednesday, October 27, 2021
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Training Fail Episode

Getting my new glasses adjusted/fitted, and had to train the person helping me.

To be honest, I don’t think this person’s idiocy is entirely her fault. This is a combination of a training fail, and a lack of common sense.

Me: Okay, great. The front looks straight now, which of course means you made my glasses as uneven as my ears. I know no one is symmetrical, but I am always surprised at how far off my ears are. Thanks, they look great from the front. Now, lets do the back.

Idiot: What?

Me: The back.

Idiot: I made the adjustments to the back. That’s how we got them to sit straight in the front, right?

Me: Well, yes and no. We adjusted the back to make the front fit properly. Now we have to make the adjustments so that the back fits properly.

Idiot: I don’t understand.

Me: We need to take care of this.

     *I point to the tips of the ear pieces sticking out through my hair.

Me: and we have to make sure that when I lay down to watch TV that this doesn’t happen.

     *I push on the tips of the ear pieces and demonstrate how the lenses bounce up to my forehead.

Idiot: Oh, um. What do you want me to do about that?

Me: Well, you need to take the ends of each ear piece, and angle them inward, toward my head, so they don’t stick out like that.

     *She takes my glasses into the back room again, and returns with one side adjusted properly, and the other side adjusted in exactly the opposite way of what was necessary.

     *I put on the glasses and congratulated her on the left side, and demonstrated, once again, what is needed on my right side.

     *She disappears into the back room again, and finally emerges with the proper adjustments.

     *I lift up my hair, and turn around backward, and show her what the proper fit looks like, from behind.

Me: See, these fit perfectly now. They are straight, they don’t slide off when I lean forward, the ends don’t stick out from my hair, and they are not pushing out against my ears.

Idiot: That really does look good… and comfortable. No one has ever asked me to adjust the back like that. I like it. I think I want to do my own glasses like that now.

Me: How long have you been doing adjustments here?

Idiot: Two years.

Me: Well, I have been getting glasses adjusted FOR me for 48 years, so I pretty much know exactly what I need by now. I am surprised that none of your training mentioned the fit around the ears being for more than just how the glasses look. It really does matter how they feel, and how they might move when you do things like lean back on a pillow or chair back, too.

Idiot: Yeah. I have just been doing the front all this time, and nobody ever mentioned the back like that.

Me: Well, thank you for indulging me. These are perfect now.

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