Wednesday, February 26, 2020
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Texas Toast Edition

So… The description of the dish that I ordered stated that it was served on Texas Toast. Awesome! I love Texas Toast. The Texas Toast was the deciding factor in ordering that dish over the others.

My meal arrives, and the pork tenderloin and the mashed potatoes are just sitting there on two thick slices of white bread.

I call my server back.

Me: I’m sorry to complain, but this is not on Texas Toast, this is just on a couple of thick slices of white bread. Could you see if the cook forgot to make the Texas Toast for this?

The server goes back into the kitchen, and returns a couple of minutes later.

Server: The cook says that IS Texas Toast

Me: No… this is the thick bread with which one would MAKE Texas Toast… this bread isn’t even toasted, let alone buttered and seasoned with garlic, etc.!

Server: I will let him know.

A few minutes later the Server comes back with two more pieces of fat bread, which have been put in a toaster.

Server: Here you go! Sorry about that.

Me: Well, now we have fat toast. Still not Texas Toast. Texas toast is grilled with butter and garlic…

Server: I don’t know that else to do.

Me: Fine. Never mind. Thanks for trying.

My guess is that the cook has a bag of Sara Lee “Texas Toast Bread” back in the kitchen, and thought he could say it was Texas Toast, without doing anything to it.

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