Wednesday, February 26, 2020
Everyday Idiots

Dog “Lover” Episode

This was sent to me by a friend. He was out walking his girlfriend’s Chihuahua yesterday, and a woman from his neighborhood (someone he had never met before) approached him to strike up a conversation.

Idiot: Oh, hi there! I see you are out walking your little dog again.

Friend: Yep. She wants to go out just about all day, everyday. LOL

Idiot: I have an article for you about dogs. I cut it out of the paper, and I saved it for you. I was going to bring it over earlier for you, but I forgot. I will try to bring it over later.

Friend: Oh, wow. Thanks. That is very thoughtful of you.

They said goodbye,  parted ways, and my friend continued his walk with the little dog.

The next morning there was a newspaper article taped to my friend’s front door.

He opened it up, expecting some piece about Chihuahuas, or living in an apartment with a dog, or maybe even something about men who have small breed dogs… whatever.

Instead, he found an article about how people EAT dogs in some other places around the world.

W…T…F ???

He cannot figure out why a stranger in the neighborhood would give an article like that to a dog owner. However, his curiosity is not compelling enough to actually ask this woman what the hell she was thinking.


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