Wednesday, February 26, 2020
Everyday Idiots Work Idiots

Oh, there it is Episode

Idiot: Can you pull up that report and print it out for me again, in case anything changed? And can you click on that one section, and show me what it says, and maybe print that out for me, too?

Me: I gave you a link to the report, so you can pull it up anytime you want, and check for changes.

Idiot: I don’t have access to that link. Could you just pull it up for me? And also print it out and email it to me?

Me: That’s weird. I know you used to have access, let me check your account. While I am doing that, please try clicking the link while you are sharing your screen, so I can see what error you are getting.

*** Idiot clicks link, and page comes up immediately

Idiot: Oh, there it is. I guess I do have access.



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