Tuesday, February 25, 2020
Dating Site Idiots Everyday Idiots

You Wanna do WHAT?!? Episode

Inappropriate introductory messages on dating sites have become so common, that it is difficult to find unique specimens to post anymore.

I have not been using the sites for a while now, and only occasionally pop in there to see if anything “Idiot Theater worthy” is sitting in my In Box.

That said… imagine my surprise this past weekend, when a random Facebook user, sent me this private message:

Hey honey

How are you ?

You are so beautiful

I wanna lick your Asshole

I love you

The message came from what appears to be a real profile, which includes a link to the company where this person works. I suppose there is a chance that he was hacked… but after seeing “Older Women for Younger Men” as one of his community memberships… maybe not.

If any info about the authenticity of this filth surfaces, I will post an update.

Until then… ew.

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