Wednesday, February 26, 2020
Dating Site Idiots

So Romantic! Episode

There was a time when I thought this guy really had LTR potential, and we exclusive, on track for long term… until we weren’t.

Have not heard anything from him in a loooong time. Until today.

Idiot: hey

Me: Hi there. I figure you texted me by accident, and were trying to reach someone else. That’s okay. I hope work is going well, and that you are enjoying the city.

Idiot: Nope

Idiot: I wanted to ask if you were okay

Idiot: and if you still demanded condoms during sex

Me: I am very well. And yes, until I have been in an exclusive relationship long enough to decide otherwise, of course, condoms are required, as they should be.

Idiot: Okay

So romantic! Can’t imagine why we did not stay together… lol


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