Saturday, July 11, 2020
Everyday Idiots Work Idiots

Yeah, so NOT that. Episode

Idiot: So, what username and password do I use for this site?

Me: The same username and password you use for all your other logins in the system.

Idiot: So, my email address?

Me: Do you use your email address to login to any other things in here?

Idiot: No…

Me: Right. So, just use the same login that you use for everything else. The ones you have been using all day today to do other things.

Idiot: So, my email, just without the “@xxxx” after it, right?

Me: Is that what your login is for everything else?

Idiot: No…

Me: Yeah, so NOT that. Remember when you turned your computer on this morning?

Idiot: Yeah.

Me: And you had to enter a user name and password to get it started and online?

Idiot: Yeah.

Me: That. That is what you are supposed to use. If you tried that, and it didn’t work, we need to submit a support ticket. Trying other things won’t work.

Idiot: Oh, okay. I didn’t try that, but will try that now.

Me: Great. Let me know if that works.

Idiot: It didn’t work.

Me: Ugh. Okay. I am sorry that isn’t working. Let’s get a support request in for you.

Idiot: I will try another username.

Me: You really don’t need to. The one you used to login to your computer this morning is the one you need… if that isn’t working, it is not your fault.

Idiot: I am going to try my email again.

Me: Knock yourself out. When that still does not work, submit that support request, okay?

Idiot: It didn’t work.

Me: Yup. So… support request? Okay?

Idiot: Um… okay… but I will keep trying things.

Me: Okay.


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