Wednesday, February 26, 2020
Dating Site Idiots

No Excuses Episode

This is the first contact from this person.


Idiot: Hi I’m (his name). Whitpayne tavern later ? Meet up ?

Me: Hi (his name). I have a full day planned, and since I work from home, no snow day for me. Also, I prefer to chat a few times before meeting someone. If you are out in this mess today… be careful and stay safe. – Vicki

Idiot: lol. Lets talk off here please. No excuses

Idiot: Let’s talk today


Idiot: Are we going to talk off the stupid site

Me: (his name), I have some family stuff going on this week. I’m sorry that you’re so impatient. ​

Idiot: What does that have to do with taking off here ?? Nothing ! I have no time for excuse.

Idiot: Good luck

Next Morning…

Me: You are a bully, and clearly don’t understand why women need to be cautious on these sites. Pushing for what you want, without any consideration of why someone might need to do things differently… not an attractive trait.​

No response to this yet… will update if anything happens.


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