Friday, July 10, 2020
Dating Site Idiots


Lack of response is not the same as rejection. It is always interesting to see how someone interprets a lack of response, and reacts. This is no exception…

November 10th

Idiot: Hello Gorgeous, I’m Bob. How are you? Now before you go judging me by my picture, I’ve been told I clean up pretty good and I DO have ALL my hair! LOL.Would you like to talk and get to know Eachother, or maybe you would like to meet up for a Drink or something? I hope to hear from you? Night Sweetie, Jimster

November 13th

Idiot: Hello again Gorgeous, Hoping to hear from you? Any interest, let’s talk meet up for a Drink or something? You in ?

February 18th

Idiot: Wow You ARE GORGEOUS , Im JR. How are you ? Have you Met anyone ? Well if your interested , would you like to talk and get to know eachother ? I would like to know More about you ? If your interested in knowing More about Me …Hopefully , I will get a Reply Soon …Good Night Beautiful !

February 18th (later that same day)

Idiot: I Apologize …Your a VERY SHALLOW PERSON !

*Note, this person’s name is NOT Jim… but I needed to use a name to highlight the “Jimster” nickname and “JR” nickname parts of the messages.



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