Saturday, July 11, 2020

Beating around the Bush Episode


Idiot: Hey

Me: Hi {his name}

Idiot: How are you Vicki

Me: Hanging in there. Glad tomorrow is Friday. How was your summer?

Idiot: It was pretty good. golfed a lot. Spent time with family And yes, I’m looking forward to the weekend. How was your summer

Me: It was pretty low key. I’ll probably be taking most of my vacation days in the fall and winter.

Idiot: Are you looking for anything particular on this app?

Me: I’m actually looking for a boyfriend, in the traditional sense. That makes things difficult because it seems there are not a lot of people who are looking for anything between a hookup and getting married.

Idiot: That is true. I mean humans have a basic need and drive for sex which is fine, but honestly a lot of the women on here don’t even respond to a harmless message of me asking how their days going

Me: Well, it says you are looking for “new friends” which seems pretty harmless. lol

Idiot: It is harmless!

Me: Exactly. And when I looked at the other information about you, what you do for work, and your interests, you seemed like a cool person to talk to

Idiot: Yeah I love my job.

*We have a discussion about his profession, and where he works, that contains too much specific information to be included here. We stop chatting for the evening.

***No messages Saturday, Sunday, or Monday


Idiot: Do you want to have sex? I won’t beat around the bush 🙂

Me: No, thank you.

Idiot: ok


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