Tuesday, August 04, 2020
Everyday Idiots

“I think yesterday was your day” Episode

I encountered this person during a phone call, after which he called me “my nicest customer”.  This persistent lad found me on Facebook, started messaging me, and he finally convinced me to meet him.

Idiot: So, what do you think? I can take you out for a drink tomorrow?

Me: Yeah.

Idiot: Okay. Great  🙂

Next Day…

Idiot: You free around 630? (Sent at 9am)

Me: I need to find out what time my car is done in the shop, before I can definitely say yest to 6:30.

Idiot: Ok love

Idiot: I decided I’m gonna go home to [town near me] tonight… let me know when you’re free, and I’ll just leave my  house.  🙂

Me: I just got a text saying my car was ready. I am going to pick it up this morning. So, I can do whatever right after work, no problem. (Sent at 10am)

Idiot: Great! I’ll message you at some point  🙂 have a great day.

Idiot: Hey I’m at the bar with some buds for a bday. Can I swing by in an hour or two to see you? (Sent at 9:15pm)

Me: That is nothing like we discussed. No, thank you.

Next Day…

Idiot: OK. You’re right. I would love to take you out for brunch.

Me: No thanks. After waiting around for you last night, having passed up other things to do, I don’t feel like setting myself up for that again.

Idiot: I can leave right now though..

Me: I think yesterday was your day.

Idiot: If you change your mind, I’ll take you wherever you want today.

Me: No thank you

Idiot: Have a great day



I have been asked why I waited for him to contact me, rather than sending a “Where are you? I thought we were going out?” text  or something.

First, I shouldn’t have to do that.

Second, I guess it just wasn’t that important to me to meet this person… fortunately.   🙂


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