Wednesday, February 26, 2020
I am an Idiot

“I’m Stuck” Episode

I knocked at my neighbor’s door, and after a long wait, she answered, wrapped in a robe and towel. (We had spoken just a few times before, usually in the parking lot, since our assigned spots are side by side. Honestly though, I don’t think either of us remembered the other’s name.)

Me: Oh, geez. Hi. So sorry to bother you.

Neighbor: That’s okay. You okay? You look great, by the way.

Me: Oh, thanks… Yeah, about that… This is the dress I am wearing to my son’s wedding next weekend. Trying it on, ya know. Was really worried about it fitting and all.

Neighbor: Aw… Well, it looks great. You can tell you lost weight! I like those shoes with it, too!

Me: Yep… Welp… As happy as I am with this dress right now, what I would really like is to be able to take it off.

Neighbor: What?

Me: Um… I am stuck. I can’t reach the zipper. Would you help me, please?

She laughed. (Who wouldn’t?) Then I turned around so that she could free me.

Me: Thank you SO much. If you weren’t home, I was not sure who I would ask next…

Neighbor: No problem. Glad I could help.

And I walked back home, unzipped down to my waist in the back… and quite relieved about it.

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