Saturday, July 11, 2020
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Tube Tizzy Episode

Phone conversation with a friend. She is away on a trip…

Friend: I am getting ready to go out while we are talking, if you don’t mind. I am putting you on speaker.

Me: No worries. That is fine. So, I think we have worked out the –

Friend: Dammit! Oh, god. Aw geez.

Me: What? You okay.

Friend: I’m fine. Nothing. Ugh. Nothing. I’m fine.

Me: What happened?

Friend: I don’t want to tell you, or I am going to end up on Idiot Theater.

Me: Ah! Now you HAVE to tell me!

Friend: [sighing] I was so distracted while we were talking, that I put Neosporin on my toothbrush.

I start laughing enough that it is difficult to talk.

Me: Oh my god… Did you put it in your mouth?

Friend: In my travel case, the tubes are almost the same size, and I wasn’t paying attention…

Me: Did you put it in your mouth?

Friend: No, I  noticed just in time. Dammit. Now I have to get a new toothbrush. I don’t have another one with me.

Me: Not quite as funny, if you didn’t put it in your mouth… [still laughing] Just wash it off. It should be fine.

Friend: No, I am not using this brush now. I don’t know if it will all wash off, and I am sure that you should not put Neosporin in your mouth.

Me: Well, just ask if they have one at the front desk. I am sure they do.

Friend: I don’t want to tell them what I did. Never mind. I will just use my finger for now.

Me: You don’t have to TELL them what you did. Just say you need a toothbrush.

Friend. Nah. I’ll be fine.

Me: Suit yourself… Anywhooo…

And the conversation continues…


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