Saturday, July 11, 2020
Idiot Pets

My Pet is an Idiot – April 2014 Winner

Our April “My Pet is an Idiot” winner goes to KL, whose cat, Nicodemus, managed to Krazy Glue his own ass to the bathroom counter top.

After the family had used a few dabs of glue to mend a thing or two, the tube was carefully capped and placed next to the sink. Nicodemus, a hefty but agile kitty, waited until the coast was clear, promptly launched up onto the countertop… and plopped down, right on top of the tube.

In a perfect storm of events, Nicodemus was heavy enough to pop open the tube, and sat on the leaking glue long enough for it to firmly adhere his furry fanny to the Formica.

No one knows exactly how long Nicodemus remained attached to the power room surface, but the large wad of fur he left behind, and the sizable bald patch on his own behind, indicates that freeing himself must have taken quite an effort.

We salute Nicodemus, our Idiot Pet of the Month, and thank his owner, KL, for sharing!

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