Saturday, July 11, 2020
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Idiot Theater – “Delete My Number” Episode

Idiot: Delete my number

Me: Okay

<Long Pause>

Idiot: Why didn’t you call me back yesterday.

Me: Who is this?

Idiot: What?

Me: Who is this?

Idiot: It is me. Duh. We have been chatting for like 10 minutes now.

Me: I’m sorry. I don’t recognize this number. It is not in my phone. Who is this?

Idiot: Very funny.

Me: If you wanted me to delete your number and not talk to you anymore… why is this continuing?

Idiot: Nevermind. I don’t care.

Me: Okay


Idiot: Seriously, why didn’t you call me back?

Me: Who is this?

Idiot: You’re an asshole.

Me: 🙂

(Okay, I admit I can be a jerk sometimes, too.)

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